If you have also done online financial transactions, no doubt you have come across Saman Bank payment gateway; A bank that was able to attract a lot of people in a short time after its establishment and launch a new banking system by providing various services. Undoubtedly, Saman Bank’s mobile application is one of the best services that this bank has provided to its customers so far. Samanak – Samanak (with Saman Bank) is the title of mobile banking applicationSaman is developed by Pardazeshgaran Saman and published in the big market of Google Play for Android. Samanak, known as a small bank, is able to provide you with a new experience in e-banking by offering a range of services 24 hours a day. There are various capabilities in the list of Samanak facilities that even if you are not a customer of Saman Bank, you can take advantage of some services such as paying bills, inquiring about exchange rates and کافی sufficient use. The services of this app can be received by two methods of internet and SMS, which can be used depending on your needs.

Some features and capabilities of Samanak Android application:

  • Information on the current and withdrawable balance of all deposits
  • Transfer funds between your deposits to other deposits in Saman Bank
  • Pay bills and buy direct recharge
  • Transfer of fixed amount from Samani account to other bank accounts
  • Inquire and block checks at any time
  • Receive information about the facilities received, including the due date of the installments and the total amount of the debt
  • Ability to categorize deposits
  • Card-related services such as card balance information, the possibility of changing the second password, viewing transaction records and….
  • Card to card transfer
  • Display selected card numbers and accounts
  • Supports both NFC and Dandelion capabilities

Samanak application has been able to allocate more than 50,000 downloads from Google Play with a set of wonderful features, which you can now download the latest version from the direct links of Usroid website ; The forthcoming version of Saman Bank is the version offered by this bank on Google Play and we have offered it for download.

Version v2.8.1.0 changes:

* Remember, stay #in_home_for_together
* Change the login screen image to fit the new year
* Fix some reported errors