Samsara Game v2.1.562 + Mod – Adventure game and beautiful puzzle “Samsara” for Android + trailer,
regular version + mod version (unlocked all steps + unlimited tips) tested separately
with offline

Samsara Game – SamsaraThe name of a very attractive game, and perhaps it is better to say, is a unique work of art from JaffaJam game company in New Zealand, which has been produced and released for free. The game was first released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS and Macintosh platforms, and then its mobile version was also released by the same company. Usroid has prepared the new version of this game as soon as it is released, and after the necessary checks, the last version has been prepared for download. Since the regular version of the game is free and limited, we will put a modded and unlocked version of this game for you dear ones so that you can do it indefinitely without any worries and easily. Samsara is a professional puzzle-style adventure title that results in an amazing and artistic game. This game is more like a mythical and imaginary dream and brings you an indescribable feeling. Samsung’s game is about a child named Zee. At the beginning of the game, a short demo is displayed to introduce the story section of the game. Zee goes to the park to play, but he sees a squirrel and follows it curiously, and suddenly finds himself in a strange adventure. This squirrel goes to an imaginary and dreamy world, and after him, Zee enters this different and puzzling world. In the role of Zee, who has now entered an interesting, mysterious and mysterious adventure, you should try to perform the puzzle and puzzle stages of the game. To do this, you need to solve many puzzles. The whole puzzle is to pick the items and build the movement path for the main character of the game. You need to find the path to the portal at every step with the help of platforms and with the help of pieces of wood.

Some features of the Samsara Game puzzle-adventure game Android:

  • Cartoon graphics and incredibly beautiful
  • Colorful drawings and paintings like
  • Simple but very challenging gameplay
  • Existence of intellectual, enigmatic and logical puzzles
  • A mysterious and fascinating adventure
  • Travel to 6 different and wonderful worlds
  • There are 77 different stages with creative puzzles
  • There are various secrets and mysteries during the game
  • Professional optimizations for perfect running on mobile devices
  • Applicable offline without the need for powerful devices

Samsara Game is one of those games that is offered to everyone with any taste. This game is very well made, attractive and fun and can keep you entertained for a long time. Especially if you are a fan of mind games and puzzles, this unique game can delight you. The cartoonish but colorful and fantasy designs of the game have given it a very beautiful look. Playing this game can not only entertain you, but can also challenge your mind with thought puzzles and strengthen your attitude towards the objects around you. So if you are looking to entertain and challenge your mind, don’t miss Samsara Game in any way and download the latest version of it with its modded version from Usroid right now.

Additional points:

  1. The free version of the game only has the first and second parts. In order to be able to play all 9 parts of the game, you have to buy it from within the game. But Usroid has also provided you with an unlocked version of the game, which you can download instead of the regular version.
  2. In the main menu of each section, which includes several steps (in the form of a circle), you can drag your finger to the left, go to other sections (other worlds).
  3. To unlock the game in the mod version, first go through the first part and when you reach the selection menu, close the game and reopen it so that the game steps are unlocked and available.

Changes to version v2.1.562:

* All game content is available for free.


Samsara Game