If you are a fan and lover of puzzle and intellectual or adventure style games, you are undoubtedly familiar with the famous game company and the well-known name Rusty Lake; A Dutch game studio that has been active in the field of Adventure and Puzzle games since 2015 and has famous games in its portfolio, all of which are the most downloaded and, of course, the highest-rated games available on Google Play. We have listed them for you. After introducing dozens of different games from this studio; This time it is the turn of the new and lovely game Samsara Roomit is arrived. The general story of this version of the game is that you find yourself in a mysterious room; There are phones, mirrors, grandparents’ old clocks and some other weird things you don’t know around you, there seems to be only one way to escape… and that is to use the power of intelligence! This game was made on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the birth of this studio, and in it, like other games of this company, you are faced with a gameplay of pointing and clicking. You have to use all your intelligence to get out of this room, but how ?! Examine the pot and pull out the candle; Look in the mirror and drag your photo to the left; Scramble with the box and generally check everything around you and be sure to find a way out!


Samsara Room


Samsara Room game is offered 100% free and without any in-app payment in the Android Market, and has asked all its friendly users to join it to celebrate the company’s 5th birthday, and after installation and experience, most users It has been given a perfect score so that based on thousands of votes, the game now has a score of 4.9 out of 5.0 , which is great! If you are a fan of intellectual games, there is no doubt that the Rusty Lake series of games have been made especially for you, and we suggest that you try them one by one, and according to users, if you have not experienced them, Deny has not played any adventure games. You are! You can first see the pictures and video of the gameplay of this game, and finally, if you want, you can download the latest version of Fars high-speed servers with one click. Receive.