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Our social life depends on doing all kinds of business. So we do at least a few trades a day. In order to be able to calculate these transactions and financial exchanges correctly and accurately, we need a calculator. Calculators are valuable tools that have been in our world for more than fifty years, and we can say that their impact on the human world has been undeniable. The Android operating system, by default, has an application for performing calculations on Android devices. Many smartphone makers are also developing their own calculator app and installing it on their products by default. One of these companies is Samsung. Samsung CalculatorThe title of a powerful, accurate and beautiful calculator application for Android operating system, which is developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Developed and released for free on Google Play. One of the interesting features of this program is that the calculations are done instantly, so that you don’t have to press the equal button while performing the calculations to see the result of the calculations, while writing each part of the calculations, the result will also be displayed. It turns out. All the calculations that you do on this program are stored in its memory, you can refer to its memory later and use the calculations again or change them. Another interesting feature of this program is the ability to change the unit in it; توانید You can use this calculator to convert all kinds of physical and mathematical units to each other, for example, you can easily convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. Other interesting features of this program include support for trigonometric functions; Sinus, Cassinus and Tangent functions are supported in this program and can be easily used. It is also possible to use absolute magnitude to perform calculations with this program. If you need a simple and straightforward calculator to do your calculations and your phone does not have such a program, we recommend that you try the Samsung calculator program.

Some features and capabilities of Samsung Calculator Android app :

  • Perform complex calculations with high accuracy
  • Standard Multiple Multiplication Preference and…
  • Storage of performed calculations, with the ability to delete them
  • Support for trigonometric functions
  • Immediate calculation without the need for equal hitting
  • Possibility to use radians or degrees
  • Convert different quantities to each other
  • Support for display functions

With more than 500,000,000 downloads from Google Play and the satisfaction of Android users, the Samsung Calculator app has received an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users . Now you can download the original, official and non-promotional version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Samsung Calculator