Samsung Video Library v1.4.10.5 Samsung Video Gallery
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Videos are one of the most popular and widely used video content, which we all see dozens of times a day through social networks, messengers, television, websites, and more. Smartphones have very good quality cameras that can record videos even in 4K quality. The same users are encouraged to film as much as possible with the phone’s camera and share it with others through social networks. If you are interested in recording video with your phone or downloading different clips and videos, after a while, your phone’s memory will be full of all kinds of videos with different topics. Many of these clips have been downloaded for one-time viewing, and being in the memory will only occupy the device’s memory and ultimately reduce its speed and performance. Gallery apps usually display videos and photos side-by-side, making it difficult to access videos. This is why there is an urgent need for an application to manage video files.Samsung Video Library is an application for managing video files and easier access to them, for the Android operating system, developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Developed and published for free on Google Play. This application is designed as a gallery for videos and automatically detects all video files in the phone memory and displays them all at once. You can easily stream videos directly through this app or share them with others. This program is well compatible with Samsung’s secure folder program and can be used to easily lock videos.

Some features and capabilities of Samsung Video Library Android application :

  • View all videos or display them by folder
  • Display as a list or network
  • Ability to search between videos
  • Sort the video according to different criteria
  • Ability to zoom in on videos
  • Play videos
  • Automatic tagging of videos (by video type)
  • Ability to return to the last video played
  • Transfer videos between different folders and apply full management to files
  • Easily share files with others in a variety of ways

App Samsung Video Library is a complete and highly functional for all users with over 100 million downloads from Google Play and Android users could have satisfaction rating of 4.5 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the original, complete and without ads version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Note: This program is produced by Samsung for Samsung tablets and phones and is not installed on devices with non-Samsung brands.

Changes in version v1.4.10.5 : 

* Support for Android 9
* Fix bugs related to streaming and video editing


Samsung Video Library