Sand Balls v2.3.25 + Mod – A very beautiful and interesting game of “colored balls” for Android
Normal version + Mode version (features listed) separately
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Sand Balls – colored balls (sand balls) is the name of another lovely and very attractive and well-made titles of the creative studio SayGames in Belarus, which, like other games of this company, is a game with a simple style and idea, but unique design. Produced and supplied to the individual and lovable. This studio is famous for making and publishing small and simple games in the style of fantasy and puzzle, and for some time it has become one of the top companies developing puzzle and leisure games. The main feature of SayGames games is simplicity and fun in the form of a colorful and graphic game! The best games offered by this company include OnPipe , House Paint and Perfect Slices. Sand Balls is no exception to this rule and is a fantasy and well-made title like other games in the same studio. The idea of ​​playing Sand Balls is so simple that from the very beginning of your acquaintance with it, you wonder why such an idea was not seen in another authentic game? Of course, this is not a completely new and rare idea; However, it can be argued that SayGames in Sand Balls has uniquely created an amazing design from a simple idea. The idea is that while simple and clean, it is an interesting and fun small game, and in some cases even challenging. Of course, the whole game is very simple and its main nature is in fact a game to relieve stress and mental and physical stress.


Sand Balls


In Sand Balls you have to guide a number of colored balls from the starting point to the end point. To do this, you have to pass them through the sand, and to do this, just drag the path of the balls with your finger on the sand, just like in reality, as if pushing away and clearing the sand. You have to create a way for these balls to pass through. There are various obstacles and items in between. For example, in parts of the route that are completely covered with sand, there are compartments with several white balls. You have to try to get the movement of the primary balls to these white balls so that when they are collected, the white balls will be added to the colored balls and your collection of balls will increase! In the same way, you have to collect as many balls as you can. Finally, you have to continue down the path and from the end, throw the collected balls into the trunk of a truck or van. The more balls you enter these machines, the more points you get. Each stage has a minimum amount to collect these balls, and if you can not collect the minimum amount, you can not go to the next stage. It should also be noted that in Sand Balls, depending on your score, one, two or three stars are provided for the end of each stage. With the points obtained, you can buy better and more spacious cars or change the shape of the balls with new items and customize them. Sand Balls is a simple, relaxing and fun game to play in your free time. Usroid , by preparing a regular and modded version, invites you to download this attractive and beautiful game as a test for your device. It is worth mentioning that the game Sand Balls has been downloaded more than 10 million times and is one of the most popular games of SayGames studio. The game also has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0.