SanDisk Memory Zone v4.1.25 – Android Memory Management App
The original version with more than 5 million active downloads

You may have heard the name Sandisk before! A brand that manufactures side storage memory and uses the highest possible quality to produce memory cards. Now the company has gone a step further than producing hardware components and has released a great program with the support of powerful developers. SanDisk Memory Zone is a great application for managing memory cards and files in memory, developed by Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates and published in the Google Play Store. The attractive and graphical user interface in this file management app makes it easy to access all your videos and images and run them without leaving the software! One of the best features included in Memory SyndicateSimultaneous support for cloud servers and external memory; Interacting between two storage spaces allows you to access more space, and by significantly reducing the number of files in the device’s local memory, you can significantly increase the speed of your smart device. Make a backup of all your files and access them at any time and place.

Some features and capabilities of SanDisk Memory Zone Android app:

  • Maximize device speed by transferring files to memory card
  • Make backups of your video files and images automatically
  • Available overview of all memory card information
  • Smart organization of all content in the device’s memory and cloud servers
  • Extremely powerful support for cloud servers
  • Professional file management system
  • Protect all your files with a password

Applications SanDisk Memory Zone has managed to be one of the best software in the field of storage management Side Score 4.4 from 5.0 with more than 5 million downloads active acquired can now use the newest version of the original program Get high speed Usroid site servers in US.


SanDisk Memory Zone