SatFinder Lite – TV Satellites v2.1.4 [Ad-Free] – Android TV satellite location app
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In the sky under which we live, hundreds of different planes and satellites are passing by at any given moment, which have their own task. A huge range of these satellites are radio and television satellites so that anyone anywhere on the planet can receive signals and play favorite programs through a simple receiver. SatFinder Lite – TV Satellites Ad-FreeTitle is a widely used application for displaying the location of TV satellites, which was developed by Droidware UK for Android and published in the large Google Play Market. If we want to take a look at the general capabilities of this startup, perhaps one of its best capabilities can be considered as helping to adjust the satellite dishes, which helps you to make the most of the transmitted signals and receive a very high quality image. . Unlike many similar applications that show everything in a simulated environment, this program is able to provide you with the path of satellites in a real and live way just by activating the camera of your Android device. The sensors in the smartphone also play an important role in detecting the movement paths, which in case of any interference in them, the information displayed is not as reliable and accurate as needed.




Application SatFinder Lite – TV Satellites supports various capabilities and diverse, as well as a unique system to display the track of the movement has been able to more than a million downloads of active and in-network $ 3.80 Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 by Google users Receive a bridge that, as always, you can download the latest version without ads from the direct links of the Usroid website .

Changes in version v2.1.4:

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