ScanDroid code scanner (PRO) v1.7.3 – Fast and easy barcode scanning application for Android,
purchased version for 2.99, presented to you dear ones

One way to get accurate information from any device or product is to scan the barcode on it; The barcodes on each product can indicate the originality of the construction and specific information about each product. In the past and even now, department stores use barcode readers to identify the price of their products, which easily identifies millions of products and provides accurate information to the seller and buyer. Today, thanks to smart device technology, new QR barcodes hold a variety of information. ScanDroid code scanner (Pro) is a unique program for quick and easy scanning of various barcodes by Android smart devicesDeveloped and published by H4L Soft. As mentioned, new barcodes today contain various information that this application is able to identify them without any shortcomings and provide them to you dear ones. Scanroid supports a variety of barcode formats such as QR, Barcode, EAN, ISBN and extracts their data straight without pressing any button; All you have to do is activate the app and leave everything to this smart app by placing the camera in front of the barcode. The above program has various capabilities that you can read more about them.

Some features and capabilities of ScanDroid code scanner (PRO) Android application:

  • Quick and accurate scan of barcodes without any touch
  • Support for barcodes such as QR, Barcode, EAN, ISBN and…
  • Ability to scan multiple barcodes with a single scan!
  • Connect to the online store and display the prices of products by scanning the barcode of
  • View a list of all your past scans
  • Share scan results on social networks or messenger
  • Extract various information from barcodes such as contact information, calendar events, geographical location and…

Barcode Scanner ScanDroid code scanner , due to its capabilities, has been able to gain the trust of users with its price of $ 2.99 and receive a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 from them. Note that this program has only 100 active downloads so far, and by receiving the purchased version from Usroid, you will undoubtedly be one of the first users in Iran.

Changes in version v1.7.3:

* Fixed minor issues and improved app performance