Scarlet Notes Pro v7.5.4-pro Advanced note-taking application with many features for Android,
paid and purchased version of the program for $ 2.99 on Google Play

In today’s world, most people are smartphone users and do a lot of things like take photos, save audio or video files, manage personal updates, take notes and much more with these smart devices. One of the most essential and practical functions and capabilities of smartphones is the ability to store notes in them. There are many note-taking apps built for Android, and usually a note-taking app with limited features is also installed on most phones by default. With this application, users can easily record daily tasks, schedules, appointments, day-to-day reminders, diet plans, exercise schedules and other daily tasks on their device. Note-taking apps are very simple in appearance, but when you need them, you will realize how useful and practical they are.Scarlet Notes Pro is an advanced and smart note-taking application with many features specific to the Android operating system, which was developed by the Maubis App software group and published on Google Play for $ 2.99. Using this program, you can create a variety of notes and give them an attractive look with different edits on the text and style of the notes, and with its many possibilities for organizing the notes, you will never be confused under the mass of notes. And easily access all your notes. If you do not want large companies to store your data, you can use this application to store all your data offline only on the device memory.

Some features and capabilities of Scarlet Notes Pro Android app :

  • Sync with cloud storage for ubiquitous notes (optional)
  • Ability to create different rich notes (lists, headings, quotes and…)
  • Ability to tag notes for easier access
  • Support for various text elements
  • Ability to choose between displaying a list or table of notes
  • Simple and modern user interface
  • Ability to archive or add notes to favorites
  • Add custom colors to notes
  • Has a night and dark mode to protect the eyes
  • Ability to lock notes with pin code
  • Ability to add reminders to notes
  • Has a very powerful and fast search feature
  • Widget support

Application Scarlet Notes Pro is a very useful program for all users who need a lot of notes during the day and easily have access to your notes. Scarlet Notes Pro is one of the most advanced and complete note-taking programs, and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Dear ones, now you can get the paid and purchased version of this program along with all the accesses and facilities from Usroid for free.


Scarlet Notes Pro