Scary Stranger 3D v5.23.1 + Mod – Exciting and Adventurous Game “Scary Stranger” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested offline

Scary Stranger 3D – غریبه ترسناک is another simulation game from Pakistani studio Z&K Games, the developer of similar games like Scary Robber Home Clash, Scary Child 3D, and Scary Teacher 3D, all of which we have introduced and published before on Usroid. Scary Stranger 3D is designed in the same language as the aforementioned games and is available for free with in-app purchases for the Android operating system. Therefore, it can be said that if you have experienced other Z&K Games, you will quickly notice the similarities in the design of Scary Stranger 3D with other games developed by this developer. Like those games that had a strange and story-driven theme, Scary Stranger 3D also revolves around a strange and creepy character. In previous games, we played as negative characters like a scary child, a scary teacher, and two robbers, and now we want to introduce another game from this developer to you. This game is available for free as a tested version along with a separate mod version for you to download.


Scary Stranger 3D


The game Scary Stranger 3D, as the name suggests, tells a story about a strange person. But this time the story is a little different from what you might think. Unlike other games where you are the victim and usually unfortunate events follow you, this time you are the one who steps into a place where you probably shouldn’t have! The main character of the game is a man named Bob who has recently got a new neighbor. Bob is someone who always shows a mischievous feeling when he is with strangers and he has a special interest in teasing them. Now that a stranger has become his neighbor, this is the best opportunity for Bob to have some fun! The neighbor who has come to this place seems to be an old man who probably was a teacher in his youth and Bob has always loved to find an opportunity to tease a teacher and this chance has come to him to fulfill his childhood dream of teasing teachers! That’s why he enters the old man’s house and tries to entertain himself! This time you are responsible for teasing and even scaring another person, and the victim is someone else. But don’t forget that this old man is a strange, mysterious, and even scary human. So, you better be careful not to let him notice your presence because in that case, you might be the one who is going to be teased! The game is made in the first-person style with completely 3D designs. You can go to different rooms and parts of this house and reach your devilish goals with various tools! The high excitement of the game is well seen in these dangerous missions and on the other hand, the game’s entertainment is also attractive. Please note that this game is entertaining in nature and has no specific purpose. To download and experience the beautiful game Scary Stranger 3D, you need to go to the download box section of Usroid and get the latest version of it for free from the site’s servers.

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.zatg.scaryneighbor.hellgame folder to the internal memory path Android/obb.