Scheme of Darkness in Persian ( Scheme of Darkness ) is a new and very beautiful game in the style of action and arcade games for the Android operating system, the first version of which was released for free download in the Play Store a few hours ago. The game is entitled “When the sky is on fire, who will stand against the darkness?” Released has a score of 4.2 and despite its very small size has excellent graphics and addictive gameplay. In this exciting game, you, as a hero of humanity, must stand against the forces of darkness and stop the Skeleton King from carrying out his terrible plans.

You are the last hope of protection from the fire of the sky and you must go to battle with the enemies with the destructive and powerful weapons that are available to you and entertain yourself for hours.

Some features of Scheme of Darkness Android game:

* Ability to command soldiers and analyze towers by you

* Fight in amazing places such as deserts and prisons

* Being 8 different and unique tower types for different strategies

* Possession of 8 special weapons along with 8 types of special tower skills

* Over 20 different enemies including Minotaur scary animals

* Optimized for Android phones and tablets

* Having HD graphics and stunning compared to its small size

If you want to experience one of the best war games on your Android phone; Usroid first version (.1.0.0) game is very beautiful and exciting Scheme of Darkness you can see that the proposal to continue it with one click …


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