School Days v1.249 + Mod – A popular and different school day simulator game for Android
Normal version + mod version (full – unlimited money) separately
Tested offline

School Days is an incredibly beautiful, fun and popular adventure game in the style of adventure games from MDickie Gaming Studio for Android, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times by Android users around the world from Google Play. A group of you dear ones have decided to introduce the latest version along with your presence mode and bring you joy again! Remember your school days ?! Open in School Days in the summer! The whole story of School Days is that the Hard Time game prison has been closed and a high school has been opened instead! Although the environment is the high school environment, the people are the same people in prison and the problems are the same as before! Your day starts with waking up in the morning and is spent doing different things during the day such as attending different classes! What you learn in each class will help you answer the questions of the 10 subjects and finally get a passing grade; But you are not alone, there are 100 other students in this school and their efforts to show themselves will turn school days into happy days or days full of fear for you! In School Days, you are in charge of managing the school and building and managing the student, and you are busy in a school for days! If you are looking for an interesting and special game to fill your free time, do not miss School Days in any way!


School Days Android Games


School Days game currently has a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Google Play. We have released the latest and latest version of it in Usroid along with the mod for download. The regular version available on Google Play is a free version and some of the game is not available, but We have also offered a mode in which all parts of the game are available and it is considered as a full and full version of the game! Both the original version and the School Days game mode have been tested by us and run without any problems.


Changes in version v1.249:

* More optimizations for more complete compatibility with devices.