Scientific Calculator Plus v6.7.2 – Advanced Android Scientific Calculator App
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With a simple search on Usroid site, you will undoubtedly get acquainted with ten different types of calculators, each of which has its own capabilities; But in this post, we are going to provide you with a completely different and widely used arithmetic machine compared to other programs, which includes a wide range of calculations. Scientific Calculator Plus is an advanced scientific and professional calculator developed by CalcTastic on Google Play for AndroidIt’s been published. Unlike other applications, this calculator consists of two completely independent parts of a calculator with fractions, complex numbers, physical and mathematical constants, as well as a complete unit converter, along with online training. The set of capabilities used in Scientific Calculator Plus allows users to perform extensive mathematical calculations and solve a variety of equations in a variety of modes. All kinds of scientific symbols are supported by the program and are displayed to users when performing calculations. The set of capabilities of this calculator is very large and is not included in the form of short texts, which it is better to be informed about in the following.

Some features and capabilities of Scientific Calculator Plus Android application:

  • Algebraic, sequential and RPN entry methods
  • Combined markup of prefix and suffix
  • Access the history of the last 20 calculations
  • Storing equations and calculations in the program memory
  • 12 different high quality themes
  • Adjustable numeric display (decimal point and digit grouping)
  • Supports a variety of different functions
  • Access to a variety of scientific constants
  • Display the scientific symbol in solving equations
  • Convert decimal numbers to fractions
  • Supports fractions and fraction calculations
  • Access to scientific, standard and engineering modes
  • Access to calculation answers up to 12 digits
  • Natural and base logarithm 10
  • Access to hyperbolic functions
  • Supports combination and permutation issues
  • Factorial calculation!
  • Generator of random numbers
  • Arithmetic mean, geometric mean, square mean
  • Calculate the variance

Calculator Scientific Calculator Plus supports a variety of different modes, as well as complex scientific calculations could be $ 0.99 to 4.8 points from 5.0 to receive already received the purchased version of the site Usroid undoubtedly one of the first users You will be in Iran.

Changes in version v6.7.2:

* Bug fixes + various optimizations + new features.


Scientific Calculator Plus