Score Counter (Plus) v1.13 Score counter for Android device
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Counting things is one of the first things we learn in school and we always use this skill for different purposes throughout our lives. Counting helps us to turn natural and even abstract phenomena into comprehensible numbers that can be used and used in mathematics and arithmetic so that we can compare the amount of different things and make different decisions and calculations based on them. One of the major uses of counting is to record points. The score is a number that gradually increases and we have seen their best performances in sports competitions. In football leagues, for example, each team earns a point by winning the other team. Finally, these points are added together and the champion team is determined. We use this method of scoring and recording scores in various games and sports. Ordinary paper tools are commonly used to record scores and track their calculations, but there is one major drawback to this, and that is the constant need to perform calculations. Fortunately, there are some great apps that can do all the calculations automatically and get rid of the hassle of the user. Today we are at your service with one of these programs.Score Counter (Plus) is an application for recording and counting points of various materials, specific to the Android operating system, developed by Argon Dev and published for free on Google Play. This program helps you to easily define different items and record and maintain their scores comprehensively and completely. You can even define different groups for each of the points, thus giving them better organization and distinguishing them from the other points. It is possible to use the desired color for each of the points and also to place the desired points on the main page of the program. You can set a custom base to start scoring and record scores after the base. To make scoring easier, it is also possible to use the volume up buttons to increase scores.

Some features and capabilities of Score Counter (Plus) Android application :

  •  A great app for scoring different items
  •  Ability to group and organize points as desired
  •  Ability to use custom colors for points
  •  Ability to create an initial basis for points to start scoring from it
  •  Ability to use volume up buttons to increase scores more easily

App Score Counter (Plus) is a highly efficient and useful tool for recording various concessions that could satisfy Android users Score 4.2 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v1.13 changes : 

* Overall improvements


Score Counter Plus