Screen Draw Screenshot Pro v1.0 build 29 – Screenshot application full of Android screen features
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Undoubtedly, one of the most used capabilities of Android devices is image capture or screenshot. This capability is by default on these devices and does not include special features. Screen Draw Screenshot Pro is a screenshot app with various features provided by Kewitschka for $ 1.99 for AndroidIt’s been published. Just touch the screen once to get a clear image of the device screen. After capturing the screenshot, many editing options are available to users, by which you will be able to apply different types of editing such as color and contrast adjustment, saturation and بر on images. The ability to write text on images allows users to write their tasks on the image after taking a screenshot to prevent forgetting their decision in the future. Easily rotate the images or crop the part you need. After installing the software on Nokia Android, an option will appear in the notification bar of your smart device, which will make it easier to register the screen and minimize the use of combination keys.

Some features and capabilities of Screen Draw Screenshot Pro Android app:

  • Screen recording without complicated steps and use of combination keys
  • Ability to jump images or rotate them
  • Ability to add text on any part of the recorded screenshot
  • Resize screenshots
  • Hidden mode!
  • Availability of the app anytime and anywhere
  • Added screenshot recording icon in the notification bar (Android 7.0 only)

Application Screen Draw Screenshot Pro with respect to usability and $ 1.99 has managed rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by users Play Store received that can now Most Recent purchased version of this software is widely used from the Site Farsrvyd get .

Changes in version v1.0 build 29:

* Added option to capture screenshots in settings
* Added additional shapes
* Adjust icon size
* Added ability to write text on image
* Adjust icon color
* Fixed application problems