Screen Lock Pro v5.1.2p – Quick and Easy Android Display Lock App
Purchased version for the first time in Iran at a price of $2.49

All of us repeatedly turn on and off the screen when using our smart devices, which constant use causes the physical key of the smartphone to break after a while and incur costs. But there is always a solution for every problem, and in this post, we intend to provide a suitable solution for this problem. Screen Lock Pro is the title of a practical application for quick and easy screen lock, developed by Prahallad and published on the Google Play Store. With this software, you can turn off the display by simply touching a button at any time and prevent premature power key failure to a great extent. Unlike other available programs, you can choose an animation when turning off the screen to increase the attractiveness of using this tool. The location of the Screen Lock Pro widget is up to you, and you can place it on any part of the home screen in addition to choosing the widget color. If you are looking for an interesting app for locking your mobile screen on Android, try Screen Lock Pro.

Some of the features and capabilities of Screen Lock Pro Android app:

  • One touch to lock the screen
  • Various icons for widgets available on the screen
  • Animation for turning off the smart phone screen
  • Adjust animation speed to your liking
  • Turn on the display without using the power button
  • Change the name of the created widget to your liking
  • Adjust the sound of turning the screen on and off
  • Support for Power Toggles plugin
  • Prevent the screen from turning off when reading long texts
  • Adjust the device’s vibration sensitivity to your liking

With a variety of features, Screen Lock Pro app has gained users’ trust and received a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users for $2.49. You can now purchase the latest version from the vast database of Usroid website, which includes all the features.


Screen Lock Pro