Screen Off and Lock (Donate) v1.17.4 – Android screen off and lock application,
purchased version for $ 1.49, presented to you dear ones

As you know, we have talked many times about the importance of turning off the screen in software and preventing the use of the power button too much, and we have provided you with various software in this field. Today, as always, we want to introduce you to one of the best apps available for turning off the screen. Screen Off and Lock (Donate) is a complete and full-featured tool for turning off the screen by Katecca for Android operating systemIt’s been published. With the help of this special program, you will be able to easily turn off the screen by creating a shortcut and minimize the use of the power button. One of the best features of screenshots is not using the proximity sensor and therefore very low battery consumption, so that it can even be said that its energy consumption is close to zero. There are two different shortcuts for turning off the screen in this program, one in the form of an icon and the other in the form of a notification is displayed at the top of the smart device at any time and place or when running the program or game You can turn off the screen with one touch. In addition, a set of attractive animations is available to all users, using them to turn off the screen is not uniform and you will be able to differentiate your device with your friends.


Screen Off and Lock (Donate)


Application Screen Off and Lock (Donate) as one of the top programs in the field of off-screen Android devices has a price of $ 1.49 the trust of users, and get a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by it to receive the Now you can download the latest version of it for free from the popular Usroid site.

Changes in version v1.17.4:

* Added floating shutdown option
* Fixed program problems.