Screenshot Pro (License) v4.3.6 – Consecutive screenshot app for Android
The purchased version is offered to you for $ 2.49

As we have said many times, screenshot of the screen is one of the default tools of smart devices that Usroid site has provided various programs in the field of screenshots with more features for you dear ones. Screenshot Pro (License) is a great program for taking consecutive high-speed screenshots by HDM Dev Team for Android operating systemIt’s been published. This software with a unique system allows its users to take a screenshot of the screen of their smart device at a very high speed and without any delay and save it in the internal memory of the smartphone. One of the most important features of this special application, which is also mentioned in the title, is its unique ability to take consecutive screenshots; So that you will be able to take a screenshot of a clip being played consecutively and save it as an animation! In addition, unlike the default version of Android phones, you can change the settings so that the toolbar section is cut automatically when taking a screenshot.

Some features and capabilities of Screenshot Pro (License) Android application:

  • Set the program to automatically cut the toolbar in screenshots
  • Unique mode of consecutive and consecutive screenshots
  • View preview of screenshots taken
  • Ability to change the image storage folder
  • Access the screenshot in the toolbar
  • Access the shutter button with just one touch!
  • Upload a copy of the screenshots to the cloud server
  • Access to the latest photo taken

App Screenshot Pro (License) with the new system and its unparalleled in the preparation of screenshots has been priced at $ 2.49 to the user’s attention Play Store, and get points 4.4 to 5.0 by the information received that can now use the newest version Purchased and download this program from the most visited Usroid site.

Note: Using the SAI software that is available in the program folder, check the installation file of the program along with all the splits and perform the installation steps.


Screenshot Pro (License)