Secret Video Recorder Premium v1.0.33 – Android movie secret recording app,
purchased for $ 3.99,
introduced for the first time in Iran

Secret Video Recorder Premium is a professional program for secretly recording movies around you by tristan for AndroidDeveloped and published on Google Play. By installing Secret Video Recorder Premium on your Android device, you can access a set of special tools and record videos as secretly as possible. One of the first versatile features of this program, which is rarely seen in similar versions, is the support of two front and rear cameras, which gives the user complete control over the recorded videos and from any angle to Record your own events and happenings. When recording, everything seems normal and no one will notice the video recording activity in the background of the Android device. For easier navigation of the secret video record, there are two icons that start recording by touching the first icon of the program and stop the recording process by touching the second option. Additionally, if you can not use the available icons, you will be able to record timed videos; In such a way that it is enough to specify the recording time so that everything runs completely automatically.

Some features and capabilities of Secret Video Recorder Premium Android application:

  • Capture video secretly with the front and rear camera of the device
  • Save the recorded files to the device memory card
  • Intelligent scheduling system for automatic recording
  • Ability to turn off the shutter sound
  • Check the battery level for movie recording time
  • Access to two different icons for easy video recording
  • Ability to define the desired duration for automatic recording
  • Great call recording system when secretly recording videos

Application Secret Video Recorder Premium relying on a set of specific capabilities and full application has a price of 3.99 dollars Score 4.3 from 5.0 the user-Market Google Play received that can now use the newest version purchased by it Get it without the need for any payment from the popular Usroid site.

Changes in version v1.0.33:

* Optimize a specific set of parameters.


Secret Video Recorder Premium