Secret Video Recorder Pro- SVR v3.2 – Professional secret video recording app for Android
$ 2.99

Among all the programs available for smart devices with Android and iOS operating systems, spy and stealth programs have always been among the most popular and have their own users. This time, as the best Android reference site in Iran, we intend to provide one of the best of these softwares to you, dear users. Secret Video Recorder Pro- SVRThe title is a widely used program for secret video recording, released by the zustapps programming team for $ 2.99. One of the best advantages of using this software is its easy working method, you only need to tap on its special icons to start recording secretly! The quality of the recorded videos is in HD and provides the most details to its users. Unlike other software, the two front and rear cameras are supported by “Secret Video Recorder” and each camera can be easily used to record hidden videos. All the steps of recording videos take place in the background and you will be able to use your device without others suspecting you. The above program has special and special capabilities that it is better to be informed about Usroid in order to be informed.

Some features and capabilities of Secret Video Recorder Pro-SVR Android app:

  • Automatic and scheduled recording in the background of the device
  • Just one touch to start recording
  • Ability to perform activities without any problems in the recording process
  • Ability to adjust the size of the previews
  • Manage all recorded videos in one place
  • Hide recorded videos from the gallery
  • Ability to disable recording notifications
  • Extraordinary video recording capability during phone calls
  • Enable auto-flash if needed
  • Supports two front and rear cameras simultaneously
  • Set movie recording time
  • Check the battery before recording to prevent the recording process from stopping
  • Check the availability of enough space for video recording
  • Put the password on the app
  • And many more abilities and features ……

اپلیکیشن Secret Video Recorder Pro- SVR توانسته است با قیمت 2.99 دلاری خود امتیاز 3.8 از 5.0 را توسط کاربران پلی استور دریافت نماید که هم اکنون می توانید با دسترسی به دیتابیس عظیم فارسروید دو نسخه خریداری شده و پچ شده را دانلود و بر روی دستگاه هوشمندتان فعال نمایید.

تغییرات نسخه ی v3.2 :

* شروع به ضبط در داخل محیط برنامه
* انتخاب فولدر ذخیره فیلم ها
* تنظیم اندازه پیش نمایش تا 50٪ از اندازه صفحه نمایش
* آیکون های امن صفحه نمایش