Self Mentor – Improvement & Motivation v1.9 – Android character development and self-improvement app
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 2.99

Different people live in different societies and each of them has specific goals. Throughout our lives, we encounter a variety of people, each of whom may have a different way of communicating. Our personality and attitude allow us to easily attract others to our behaviors and be successful in our work activities. On the other hand, there are events in everyone’s life that have a direct impact on our mood, will, feelings and lifestyle. If something unpleasant happens in our lives, we may undoubtedly stop some of our current activities, which is to say that it is completely wrong. That is why the first step towards achieving goals and having a bright future is to master our personality and individual abilities. This question may arise for you as well; How can we improve our personality and achieve a relative self-improvement! ? Maybe we can answer this question widely by introducing a software ????Self Mentor – Improvement & MotivationTitle is a character development and self-improvement application developed by Self Mentor and published on Google Play. This unique software allows its users to study and set up a variety of tools to be able to prepare themselves for any event in the future and never run out of problems! The first feature of the program is a collection of materials and articles collected from major global references that you will be able to strengthen yourself with just a few minutes of reading each day. The designed system will allow you to have full interaction with other users and be able to take full advantage of their experiences and words. Chatting with these like-minded users will open your mind and somehow make your soul bigger. With just a little study every day, in addition to increasing motivation, you can achieve a lot of self-improvement and self-awareness.

Some features and capabilities of Self Mentor – Improvement & Motivation Android application:

  • A collection of various articles on personality development and self-improvement
  • Share your inspirational thoughts with others
  • Have full interaction with users in both directions
  • Lots of relaxing music and sounds to have a stress-free day
  • Ability to run articles in full audio
  • Option to save all your favorite articles
  • Smart suggestions based on user needs
  • Search for articles based on various filters
  • A collection of impressive quotes

Self Mentor – Improvement & Motivation application has been released for free by its developer with a special toolkit for character growth with its in-network payment of $ 2.99 and has received a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 with the help of users, which you can now Download the latest premium version of this software from Usroid website .


Self Mentor – Improvement & Motivation