[Sensors Toolbox v1.3.09 [Premium – Android sensor toolbox application
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All Android smart devices are made of different hardware, some of which are sensors . Due to their extraordinary capabilities, these sensors give special capabilities to smartphones and enable users to meet many of their needs without the need for special physical tools. Sensors Toolbox PremiumThe title of the toolbox is for sensors available on Android devices, which was developed by EXA Tools and published in the big Google Play market. If we want to have a comprehensive and complete explanation about this program, it can be considered as an all-in-one tool that helps you to know everything about the internal parts of your smartphone. Monitor the performance of the available sensors live and check the health of the available components by testing the sensors. The beautiful and graphical environment of the toolbox sensor makes it possible to view data and outputs in the form of beautiful diagrams and easily understand anything. Finally, we must mention that this app supports a variety of sensors that are unique.

Some features and capabilities of Sensors Toolbox Android app:

  • A versatile and so-called all-in-one toolbox
  • Supports a variety of different sensor sets
  • View complete information about the hardware and software parts of the smartphone
  • Sensors tester to check the health of existing sensors
  • Graphical graphs of data and output of each sensor
  • Easy to understand sensors that the smart device does not support

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