Serenity v5.4.0 Premium Attain inner peace and self-awareness using your Android smartphone Premium version of the app worth $79.99

Our current social and economic system is designed to bring various pressures and challenges to society members on a daily basis. These pressures directly affect the individual’s mind and psyche, taking away their peace. If there is no specific resistance against such pressures, anxiety, stress, and mental pressure can endanger the person’s mental health and rob them of their peace. In such situations, the use of mindfulness techniques can be very effective and efficient. Meditation includes various mindfulness techniques and achieving self-awareness that has been practiced by people around the world for thousands of years. Meditation is one of the ways to deal with many of today’s mental stresses and pressures and to achieve inner peace and greater compatibility with the surrounding world. Today, we have an application for you that you can use to learn meditation and distance yourself from daily mental pressures. Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness is an application for learning mindfulness and meditation skills, as well as guided meditation sessions step by step, specifically for the Android operating system. It has been developed by the Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps software group and is available for free on Google Play. Working with this program is very easy, and by completing a seven-day audio course, you can learn all the basic and fundamental aspects of mindfulness. Sessions are designed for short periods so that you can easily practice your meditation skills over and over again. New daily meditations are also available in the app, allowing you to experience a different part of mindfulness and self-awareness every day and bring peace and happiness to your life, as well as unleash your hidden talents and creativity.

Some features and capabilities of the Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness app for Android:

  • Includes a 7-day audio course for learning the basics of meditation
  • Short mindfulness sessions
  • No need for registration or entering personal information in the app
  • No subscription required
  • Suitable for beginners with a simple and easy roadmap
  • Learn techniques for calming and clearing the mind of various thoughts
  • Learn skills for separating thoughts from emotions and improving emotional and mental states
  • Change your perspective on life and create a sense of gratitude within you
  • Ability to create daily reminders to prevent forgetting or falling behind on meditation sessions
  • Challenges to motivate you to continue using the app
  • Provides statistics and charts to track user progress
  • Supports Google Fit

The Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness app has received an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now download the unlocked version of this app with all features and capabilities for free from Usroid. This app has been introduced at the request of many of you dear users.


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