Service Disabler v1.1.3 – Application to disable Android services and tools!
Professional and full version of the app worth $ 1.99

Service Disabler is a great application for disabling services and applications installed on Android smartphones, developed by KunKunSoft and published on Google Play. As you know, Android phones have different startups by default. These system programs are sometimes useful and in some cases do not meet any of our needs. On the other hand, maintaining this software not only keeps the data storage busy, but also affects the battery consumption. As a result, some users are constantly trying to remove or disable these programs. But the point to note is that many of these startups are systemic and can not normally be changed much; As a user, you can normally only delete their data, which will continue to be downloaded quickly over the Internet with the first unwanted run. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to introduce a great startup in this post! An application that allows you to make any changes to the list of services or applications. Service Disabler is exactly the startup we are talking about. This software provides a simple user interface and a set of various features that allow you to easily stop the services you want or keep them permanently frozen. We just need to point out that to use this application, you need root access, so if you download the program and see that it does not have enough usage and functionality, then root access is not established.

Disable packages, services and Bloatware with Service Disabler

If you look at the list of all the apps and tools installed on your Android smartphone, you will notice that they have not used many of them for a long time, or even some of these startups once. You did not run. In this case, all you have to do is use the Service Disabler program to delete them from your smartphone memory. It does not matter if the program is a system or you have pre-installed it, because just root access will clear everything.

Bloatware list customization

Many users of Android smartphones think that Bloatware is just a bunch of apps that the user has not used for a long time! But you should know that this term includes not only applications but also any module or tool that involves the Android terminal. That’s why different people offer different definitions of Bloatware. This has led the Service Disabler developers to make it easy for users to customize the list and identify these programs on their own.

Some features and capabilities of Android Service Disabler:

  • The best program to stop or remove additional Android services or packages
  • Create custom lists of Bloatware types
  • Save battery and data storage memory
  • Provide complete information about services and applications before permanent deletion
  • Password protection of the application
  • Supports all types of Android smartphones

Service Disabler application with various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with $ 1.99 in-network payment. Dear ones, you can now download the latest professional version of this program without any restrictions from the popular Farsroid website. Just note that this app requires root access to run.

Service Disabler