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* Need to root *

It must have happened to you at night and before going to bed to check the charge of your smartphone and in the morning after waking up and checking the amount of charge, you will notice that it has been reduced by almost 50%! As you know, the reason for this reduction in charge is the background running programs that significantly occupy the device resources and cause a lot of battery consumption. There are several ways to stop background applications, most of which reactivate the application and take up resources. If you are suffering from this problem and your device is rooted, then join us. Servicely Full Unlocked is a special program in the field of managing running applications for Android smart devices.Developed by Francisco Franco and published in the major Google Play Market. Just select what programs need to go to sleep to turn off the device screen to stop all selected activities and make sure none of them will run anymore. Everything is in your hands and you will be able to activate some services or deactivate others as you wish. In addition, the mentioned application has a periodic function that checks the activities of the device in the time intervals specified by you so that in case of any errors in the field of stopping programs or their continuous execution, they To solve. Just note that Servicely is a system application and if used incorrectly can cause irreparable damage to your device!


Servicely Pro Android


Servicely application has been able to gain the trust of more than half a million Android users by relying on its special capabilities and receiving a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by them, which you can now download the latest professional version with access to a huge database. site Usroid receive, note, as above mentioned program Servicely to the root of your device needs.