Shadow Fighter v1.43.1 + Mod – Exciting and interesting action game “Shadow Fighter” Android + trailer of
the regular version + version of the mod (unlimited money) individually
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Shadow Fighter – Shadow Fighter is the name of another action game made with Hack ‘n’ Slash gameplay, which is provided for free by the Vietnamese studio TOH Games for the Android operating system. This game is modeled on famous games such as the Dark Sword game series or games like Demon Warrior as well as the popular Overdrive game.Produced and supplied. In this game, like many similar games, there is no news of an exclusive and different story, and the adventurous nature of this game is very clichéd. You are in the role of heroes who must stand against the devil and his demonic army and destroy them with your own fighting powers and get the title of shadow warrior! As mentioned, the style of the game is Hack n Slash, and the graphics and designs of the models are done in two dimensions. The design of this style of these games is such that the characters and heroes of the game as well as the enemies are modeled completely in the form of shadows (in black) and only weapons, blow effects and of course a few items in the clothes of the heroes. They are designed in color. The gameplay is energetic and dynamic and you can take control of the main character of the game from the front view. In Shadow Fighter game, more than 50 stages have been designed, which according to the creators, these stages will be more in the game updates. You can unlock and buy powerful weapons from the game store.


Shadow Fighter


In the action and role-playing game Shadow FighterYou are able to choose one of 6 different heroes and warriors and perform the steps of the game with that character. Each of these warriors has its own capabilities, appearance, and skills. Some of them have more power but less speed and some of them have more technique and speed but their power is less. In addition, the possibility of using special forces and special anger of each hero is also embedded in the game so that you can inflict much more damage on enemies if you are severely besieged by these special forces. The game has an interesting upgrade system in which you can upgrade the heroes of the game and increase their level. This upgrade not only affects the performance of the struggle and the powers of the heroes, but also changes their appearance and tools. You must use virtual buttons to control the game character. You can move around, jump, hit or use special forces. To date, Shadow Fighter has exceeded 5 million downloads on Google Play and has also been able toGet a very good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 as well. Usroid has prepared a normal and modded version of this game in a tested and free form for you, lovers of action and fighting games.

Note: In the mod version, daily bonuses give you a lot of money.

Changes in version v1.43.1:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version of the game.