ShareWeather Weather Forecast v2.4.6 Highly advanced weather app with a variety of complete and functional features for Android
Purchased version of the app for $ 5.49 on Google Play

Many meteorological applications have been developed for Android and other mobile operating systems, which often provide the same features and facilities to the user and differ only in the way they provide information and user interface. But in the meantime, there are programs that go beyond these features and provide their users with more advanced information and smarter features. Today, we are at your service with such an application. ShareWeather Weather ForecastIs an advanced weather and weather forecasting application with the ability to detect the effect of weather on the ground and unique features, for the Android operating system, developed by ShareWeather Sweden ( software group and priced at $ 5.49 in Google Play has been released. This program has the ability to predict the appearance of sky, air and earth with high accuracy. The high complexity of weather data is made easier and more understandable by a variety of fun animations and creative graphics. Using this software helps you in planning, driving, gardening and outdoor activities. The 16-day weather forecast capability, which is based on research, professional knowledge and creative presentation, gives you accurate information about the future weather situation. The difference between this program and similar programs is that other programs talk about what happens in the sky, while this program informs the user about the effects of climate change on the earth’s surface. This is done using sophisticated methods of integrating advanced forecasting models, in-app calculations, and user observations. Of course, as mentioned, the purpose of this program is to simplify meteorological information, and this information will never confuse you.

Some features and capabilities of ShareWeather Weather Forecast Android app :

  • 16-day weather forecast with 3-hour intervals
  • Type and shape of clouds at different heights
  • Common meteorological parameters that describe the weather: air temperature, precipitation, pressure, humidity, visibility, wind speed, wind direction, wind dust, feeling (like cold wind)
  • Descriptive variables of land: water on land, snow, snowmelt, type of surface (ice, frost, wetness, dryness, etc.)
  • Growth rate in nature
  • Forecast correction for local altitude
  • 16-day summary including maximum and minimum values ​​(warmest, coldest, rainiest, windiest, sunniest, clouds)
  • Text prediction (Sky +), large text view (air temperature, wind sensation, wind) (Air-), complete list of typical meteorological variables in small text (Air +)
  • Cover diagram in the sky view. In 3-hour mode, the chart shows a 24-hour forecast. If the mode is on 24 hours, the next 4 days will be displayed
  • The 16-day chart display shows all 16 days in a navigable chart. By scrolling through the chart, the text prediction changes to a new time stage.
  • Compass shows wind, direction and wind speed for 16 days, 4 days or 24 hours, this speed is indicated by color intensity / clarity.
  • The length of the wind arrow (one-time stages) reflects the wind speed, while their color indicates the temperature trend (blue / red symbolizes hot and cold air masses)
  • The alerts shown by the red triangles are triggered by threshold values, some of which are manageable.
  • All parts of the program are customizable and customizable, which you can access from the settings menu.

Application ShareWeather Weather Forecast is a sophisticated and very full program that has just been released and for the money on Google Play. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This program has been introduced at your request and now its latest version is in front of you.

Changes in version v2.4.6 : 

* This version includes general enhancements and bug fixes.


ShareWeather Weather Forecast