Shark Browser is an emerging browser with a very simple and beautiful interface from Shark Soft Development for Android , which was put up for sale in the Play Store a few days ago for $ 1.99 , with which you can use websites and web pages on your phone or tablet. Load as fast as possible. According to the designer, this browser saves up to 50% in data consumption, and this has caused the loading speed of pages to increase significantly. We have introduced almost all Android browsers with their unique features on the site, and this time it was time to introduce this great browser , which is not without merit, because it can be the best option for people who are looking for a unique browser. The person with the user interface are very simple.

Some features and capabilities of Shark Browser Android application:

* Save data for faster loading and save up to 50 %

* Easy translator to view web pages in any language

* Flexible menus for easy switching between web browser windows

* Having a dedicated download manager to download files with it

* Anonymous privacy mode for browsing anonymously

* Easy and fast access to all popular sites such as Google

* Suggest different words when searching in search engines

* Save passwords and entered information to avoid re-entering

* Ad blocker to prevent annoying site ads

* Ability to customize different parts of the browser by users

* Bookmark support for adding your favorite sites

* Support for all Android phones and tablets +2.2

Shark Browser internet browser has a volume of only 825 KB, which we introduce today in Usroid as the first Iranian website and provide it to you for free and with a direct link.

Note: Shark Browser is not filter-breaker and can not cross the filter-rp pages.

Changes in version v1.4:

* Added new features

* Bug fixes and performance improvements


Download Shark Browser - Simple "Shark" browser for Android!