Sheep – A beautiful world v1.0.2 – Adventure and different game “Flock of sheep in a beautiful world” for Android,
the purchased version and the full game at a price of $ 4.49, presented to you
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Sheep – A beautiful world – A flock of sheep in a beautiful world is an interesting and different title from a fun and well-made game with a special and fascinating idea from the Japanese studio Cubic Egg Japan, which has been released exclusively for the Android operating system. Usroid, as always and right at the same time with the release of this game on Google Play, has prepared a full paid version of it, which is on sale for $ 4.49, and has provided it for purchase for download, so that once again you, dear ones, can For the first time among all Iranian sitesDownload another interesting and well-made game from Usroid in the shortest possible time and get very excited. Sheep – A beautiful world will be a very beautiful and lovely adventure but at the same time challenging and different for you in which you will play the role of a sheep owner. You embark on an adventurous as well as adventurous journey with your funny sheep herd and of course the herd loyal dog. A journey that leads to the discovery of fascinating and pristine worlds and will be a very special adventure for you. In this game, contrary to what you might expect, your task will be to manage and lead this flock of sheep, not by an ordinary shepherd, but with the help of herd dogs.


Sheep - A beautiful world


در Sheep – A beautiful worldYour main task is to return the sheep that have left the herd to other groups and try to maintain the cohesion of the herd so that the sheep can move in the right direction. This will not be so easy. In order to force the sheep to obey, you have to bark at the dogs, scare them and bring them back to the group. Of course, other challenges in Sheep – A beautiful world will stand in your way during this adventure, one of which is to grapple with other wild animals and even predators. With the help of these guard dogs, you must protect the flock of sheep and flee the wild animals by barking. You can make your flock bigger and bigger as you continue your journey to unknown lands. But you should always be aware of the challenges and pitfalls along the way so that your herd stays the same or even increases in number. You must try to take care of the sheep of the herd. Sheep – A beautiful world has simple but interesting graphics. The game modeling is completely three-dimensional and the attention to detail design of the environment is well seen in this game. The gameplay is very simple and involves doing normal tapping or holding a finger on the screen. This beautiful and different game can be downloaded right now from the serversDownload Usroid and install it on your device.

Note: The game only installs and runs on arm64-v8a devices.