Shooty Skies – Arcade Flyer v3.436.12 + Mod – Popular shooter game for Android with
regular trailer + mod version (unlocked) individually
tested with offline run

Shooty Skies – Arcade Flyer Popular and incredibly beautiful little pilot game from the popular studio Mighty Games Group, creator of the famous Crossy Road game for AndroidWhich is offered for free in the big Google market and at the request of users, we have decided to introduce this wonderful game! The style of the game is arcade shooting and its graphics are very similar to Crossy Roads, but in this game, instead of crossing the street, you have to shoot at enemies! The shooting of the game is very fast and exciting, and if you remove your finger from the screen for a short time, your weapon is charged and you can fire more powerful shots at the enemies! Your plane is shooting automatically in the game, so you just have to steer it to the right and left of the screen and dodge obstacles and enemies! As the game progresses, the enemies become more and more anxious, so you can equip the aircraft with more powerful machine guns and bombers! Shooty Skies also occasionally challenges you with a boss fight so that the game is not too easy and childish!


Download Shooty Skies - Arcade Flyer - Arcade game "Little Pilot" Android + mod


If you are a fan of low-volume games without Android data, which despite its unique design has addictive gay play , we suggest you the extremely beautiful game Shooty Skies – Arcade Flyer , which so far more than It has been downloaded 5 million times by Android users around the world, and its features include colorful pilots, attractive and diverse enemies, fighting powerful bosses, using funny animations in game development, great and low design. Peer pointed out alongside the exciting voice! Now, the normal version and the game mode are available for download. In the normal version, you have to collect the coins along the way with your own efforts, but in the mod version, you encounter unlimited coins from the very beginning and you can see the items without a particle. O try to buy!

Changes in version v3.436.12:

* Added new daily reward system
* Added new features + various optimizations.