Silent Video [High Quality] Premium v7.2.17 – Android silent video recording application!
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 3.49

One of the most important features and capabilities in the Android operating system is image capture; By default, two modes of video recording and photo recording are available to you dear ones, in which there are no restrictions in this regard, and users are able to record images according to their needs. But one of the most important points to pay attention to is the shutter sound when recording images or recording them. So far, various solutions have been proposed for this issue, one of the best of which is the use of peripherals. Silent Video [High Quality] is the title of a silent video recording application developed by Peace and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, this software helps you dear ones to shoot videos or photographs without any attention. This smart camera automatically turns off the shutter sound and lets you experience a new mode. One of the most important things that attracts everyone’s attention is the excellent quality of the recorded images so that this software uses the maximum hardware power and presents all the photos in the form of full HD files. be. Both front and rear cameras are supported by this unique app and users will not face any problems while using it. When recording a video, recording time information is displayed at the top of the screen, and you have three modes: turn off the flash, turn on the flash, and auto flash. Unlike other competitors, the program environment is simple and you will not face any complexity.

Some features and capabilities of Silent Video [High Quality] Android application:

  • Capture images in silent mode (prevent shutter playback)
  • Supports both video and photography modes without any restrictions
  • Extremely high quality images and recorded videos
  • Use the maximum hardware power of the smartphone
  • Three different modes to use Flash
  • View the amount of video recording time instantly
  • Access all recorded videos and images with a single tap
  • Simple user interface away from any complex options


Silent Video [High Quality] application, with the benefit of its special features and capabilities, has been published by Google Developer for free with $ 3.49 in-network payment on Google Play and has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, which is now You can download the latest premium version by accessing all the features of the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


Silent Video [High Quality]