Silver Tale – Silver Tale is a new, beautiful and entertaining game in the style of puzzle games – an idea from Playcademy game development studio for Android, which is priced at $ 9.99It has been published on Google Play and today we intend to introduce the purchased version in the presence of you who are interested in this style of game. In this game, there is a big problem for the king and no one can fix it. Your task is to travel into the deepest mountain caves in the kingdom and save the king by finding silver plants and using them to bring peace and happiness to the whole kingdom again. Experience a tremendous journey across the realm to solve new puzzles by mixing beautiful puzzles and obtaining various items, in addition to building and upgrading city buildings, by mixing new objects. These rare cases require very difficult steps and very large levels; But do not worry, with the power you have gained, you can solve even the most difficult puzzles and get through them.

Some features of the fun and attractive Silver Tale Android game:

  • Ability to explore large areas
  • Build dozens of buildings across the kingdom
  • Discover hundreds of items and solve various problems
  • Ability to build your own items in the forge
  • Ability to earn tokens to access rewards
  • Get rewards for entering the game daily
  • Having beautiful orchestral music
  • Various characters with great voice acting

Silver Tale has been released on Google Play for a short time and many users have not yet purchased it. You can first see the pictures of the game and then, if you wish, download the full and purchased version, which is without ads, for free from Usroid high-speed servers, to be one of the first people in the world to download this beautiful game. Experiences. As mentioned, this game has been tested and run without any problems (without the need for internet).

Version changes v20181017:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.


Silver Tale