Sim Hotel Tycoon + Mod – Simulation game – Click Hotelier Tycoon for Android
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Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game is the name of a game in the simulation genre published by DailyFun game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. DailyFun game development studio is one of the good game development studios in the Android market, which has already had the experience of making great games such as My Mansion – match 3 & design home, and has a good game development record in the Android market. dedicated. But Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game is another great game of this game studio, which with its attractive and fun gameplay has been able to bring another unique experience for gamers. Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game is a classic management game and Idle Hotel business. Like most games of this genre, in this game you play the role of a hotel manager and try to become a world-renowned capitalist hotelier by forming your own hotel empire. As a hotel manager, you. Have a duty to do your hotel management work in the best possible way and provide the most luxurious services to your customers so that you can keep your customers satisfied and earn high incomes. Your activities also include hotel crew management, revenue and expense management, ‌ hotel development, ‌ providing various services, and a variety of other activities that you will become more familiar with during the game. So, if you are interested in experiencing a new capitalist hotel game and challenging your management skills, Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game can definitely be a great choice for you!


Sim Hotel Tycoon


In Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game, your most important task is to manage revenue and expenses to make a profit, and if you can perform successfully in this task, you will easily be able to advance in the game and gradually form your own hotel empire. . You need to balance your expenses and income to get the most profit. Then you have to use your profits to invest in different parts of the hotel and develop your hotel. For example, the money you pay for the crew is a cost, and the money you earn by booking hotel rooms, selling food at a restaurant, and selling drinks at the bar is revenue. At the end of the day, the money that stays in your hotel account will be your profit. You do not need to do anything special to have a customer, because customers come to your hotel automatically. But in the future, in order to get more customers, you must develop your hotel so that you can have an attractive hotel for your customers. For example, add more rooms to the hotel, ‌ expand the hotel bar, develop the hotel restaurant, enlarge the hotel car park, increase the hotel’s advertising, hire more staff, and so on. In addition to a great gameplay, Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game has a modern and very beautiful and eye-catching graphic space as well as admirable sounds that can undoubtedly increase the charm of this game for you many times over. Usroid team intends to provide the original and modded versions of Sim Hotel Tycoon – Idle Game without any restrictions in a tested form and completely free of charge for you dear ones. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!