Simlife – Life Simulator And Simulation Games v1.1 + Mod – “Simulator of Life” management game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline execution

Simlife – Life Simulator And Simulation Games – Life Simulator is a fun and interesting game in the style of management and simulation games for the Android operating system, which has been created and developed by adapting the famous Sims series of games . The game has been released by the Chinese studio Yuanshi Games for free for Android users around the world. This time, according to the usual routine of the site, we decided to be the first Iranian siteIntroduce and publish another game on the web. Usroid is proud to have prepared this game for the first time and released it with a modded version for download. Simlife – Life Simulator And Simulation Games, unlike many other similar games that have been made and published in the same genre, is a choice-oriented title, and it must be said that just like in the real world, in this virtual world, these are your decisions and choices. There are those who shape the character of the game and put him on the right or wrong path. In this game, you can become a poor street stray or a rich and powerful businessman with the wide choices you have! This is exactly what the game developer used to describe the game in general, with a particular emphasis on the fact that your choices have a direct impact on the gameplay.


Simlife - Life Simulator And Simulation Games


در Simlife – Life Simulator And Simulation GamesYou enter a real and simulated world in the role of an exclusive character. From the first moment of the game, you are responsible for the life of the character in the game. You should try to go through the different parts of the game step by step with the best possible choices and lead the game character to success. We repeat that your choices affect exactly the results for the character of the game. Therefore, it is better not to play this game as a hobby and just to pass the time, and try to follow the general principles of the game. Familiarity with English is required at least to understand the whole game Simlife – Life Simulator And Simulation Games, but in general it should be said that this game is designed so that you do not need this much. You can become a rich person, buy luxury houses and cars, or go bankrupt due to your carelessness and become a needy person! You can also form a family and experience an interesting life simulator in the form of a mobile game. So if you are a fan of this style of games, Simlife – Life Simulator And Simulation Games can be an interesting choice for you. Now the latest official version of this game along with a modded version of the serversUsroid are ready to download.

Note: In the mod version, you enter the game and instead of starting a new game, you must continue, so that in addition to unlimited coins, the monetary content of the game will also be available to you.