Simpan – Note various needs v1.4.8 – سیمپن – دفترچه یادداشت همه کاره
Purchased version of the program with a price of $2.99

Our memory is designed in such a way that short-term information is not stored for long periods of time. This has led to the rapid forgetting of many pieces of information that we receive throughout the day through various means such as hearing, seeing, reading, etc. Therefore, we all need tools to record and store short-term information so that we can prevent them from being forgotten and have easy access to them in the future. Smartphones are always with us and we can easily use them to record and store various items. Of course, to do this, you need to install a special application, and today we are at your service with such an application on Usroid. Simpan – Note various needs is the title of an application for recording and storing notes, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Banyu Dev and published on Google Play for $2.99. This program is designed in a very simple and minimalist style, making its user interface very modern and chic, and its use simple and easy. Due to the simplicity of the design, the program runs quickly on all Android devices, and you can quickly run it and take notes on various items. To increase security, the ability to lock notes using fingerprints and passwords is also provided. You can also fully back up the program’s information so that you no longer have to worry about losing them. If you need a specific note to be reminded to you at a specific time, you can easily set a reminder for it so that nothing is forgotten. This program works completely offline and is useful for recording all kinds of items, such as memories, cooking instructions, school assignments, saving events and their dates, as well as saving internet addresses, and can act like a comprehensive program for recording all kinds of texts.

Some features and capabilities of the Simpan – Note various needs Android app:

  • Simple user interface with minimal design
  • Ability to create notes with reminders
  • Ability to save internet links
  • Suitable for task planning and daily activities
  • Ensuring program security using fingerprint and password
  • Easy backup of program information
  • Dark mode for easier use and less eye strain when recording and reading notes
  • Preview of saved links to simplify access to desired links

The Simpan – Note various needs application is a comprehensive and complete tool for recording and maintaining notes on Android, which has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now download the purchased version of this program with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Simpan - Note various needs