Simple Draw Pro – App for quick & easy sketches v6.4.1 – Simple Android drawing and painting application
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Painting is one of the hobbies we have been familiar with since childhood. Painting, which is one of the most popular fields of art, has various effects on our minds. Sometimes, by creating special plans, we can calm our minds and get away from the busyness of life for hours. In some cases, when we decide to draw or draw a painting, we do not have access to paper or pen, which is very annoying. But the point we have to mention is your constant access to your smartphones! Software that has been introduced for the past few years will replace any paper or pen and meet your needs in this area. Simple Draw Pro – App for quick & easy sketchesTitle is a simple drawing and painting application developed by Simple Mobile Tools and published on Google Play. This unique software, by providing a set of simple yet practical features, allows you to fill the vacuum of not having access to paper or pen anytime and anywhere. To create your favorite designs, all you have to do is run the above app and drag whatever you want. One of the most important features of this startup that attracts everyone’s attention is the set of functional features in its normal environment! So that you will be able to select your desired font in the right size and save the final results in the form of images in the gallery. As we mentioned, the type of pen, thickness, color and many other options are at your fingertips and you can change them to suit your needs.

Some features and capabilities of Simple Draw Pro – App for quick & easy sketches Android:

  • Simple and easy environment to create your own designs
  • Option to select the desired font in the desired thickness
  • Choose the color of the pen according to your needs
  • Create any design and painting based only on your personal creativity
  • Access to both Ando and Redo options to avoid wasting time!
  • Make the color palette you need
  • Save designs created in PNG, JPG or SVG formats
  • Several fancy and at the same time practical tools

Application Simple Draw Pro – App for quick & easy sketches with the benefit of a specific functionality in the design by the developer with the price of $ 1.49 at Google Play published rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users which received the Now you can download the latest version purchased from Usroid website .


Simple Draw Pro - App for quick & easy sketches