Simple Habit Meditation v1.36.15 – Android Meditation and Stress Reduction App
Full Version $ 399.99 No In-Network Payment

One of the problems of technological advancement and industrial growth is the increase of stress in the lives of people in society, so that they have to work long hours a day and do not give their body any rest. There are several ways to prevent depression and combat stress, one of which is meditation and stress management exercises. Simple Habit Meditation Full Subscribed is a program for coping with stress, having a good night’s sleep and improving the focus on activities specific to Android.Developed and published by Simple Habit in the big Google Play Market. One of the best advantages of using this software compared to similar programs is the duration of its use; So that with just five minutes of use, you will be able to overcome daily stress and focus on your activities in a special way. More than 500 meditation exercises are included in this software, all of which you have access to, and you will be able to experience a wonderful and full of relaxation feeling after using the exercises. In addition, new tutorials have been added to the program database on a weekly basis that you will be able to take advantage of.

Some features and capabilities of Simple Habit Meditation Android app:

  • Access to over 500 preset workouts
  • Length of sessions of five minutes to achieve relaxation
  • Added new workouts and podcasts on a weekly basis
  • Short breathing exercises to control anxiety and stress
  • An ideal program for busy lives
  • Improve concentration to engage in daily activities
  • Record meditation lessons by the best teachers in the world
  • Improve the sleep process at night
  • Very simple and easy environment

Simple Habit Meditation application , due to its importance for busy lives, has been able to get a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Play Store users, who can now download the full version of this software for free from Usroid servers in Iran. Receive. Note that the in-network payments of this software are priced at $ 399.99, which for the first time in Iran, you can use the program’s training classes without the need for in-network payments.


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