Simple Reminder v2.7.3 – a program to create a to-do list with a special reminder for Android
The purchased version of the program for $ 0.99 on Google Play 

You may have missed work appointments and important appointments due to daily worries and daily stress. This is especially likely in today’s world. Today’s world is very crowded, decentralized and full of various distractions, which makes our concentration much lower and more unstable than in the past. Also, due to the variety of tasks and tasks in today’s jobs, it is difficult to follow the work directly without losing at least one of them. For this reason, it is necessary to organize our work and create a kind of system in them. For this purpose, we can use all kinds of reminders and planners. Fortunately, many great apps have been developed to do just that, and today we’re at your service with one of them. Simple Reminder The title of an advanced reminder app with a modern and beautiful user interface for the Android operating system, developed by the Michael Präauer software group and released for $ 0.99 on Google Play. With this program, you can create a variety of reminders in a very beautiful and eye-catching user interface that can also be customized, and follow your work without worrying about being forgotten or falling behind. The ability to create repetitive reminders makes it easier for you to create timed daily habits.

Some features and capabilities of Simple Reminder Android app :

  • No need for any access from your mobile phone
  • Work completely offline without the need for internet access
  • Low application size
  • Customizable and changeable themes
  • Simple and convenient without having additional non-functional features

The Simple Reminder app is a great app for those who need to get their work done on a scheduled schedule and don’t want any of these tasks to be delayed or missed. With the satisfaction of Android users, this program has been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Simple Reminder