Simple Shift – work schedule v1.25.2 – Simple and practical Android work calendar application
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Simple Shift – work scheduleTitle is a simple and practical work calendar application developed by Grigory Ovinkin and published on Google Play. Work activities are an integral part of our lives as human beings. We all spend almost half of our lives working and earning money. Everyone works one or more specific shifts every day according to their needs and skills! Sometimes people who have multiple shifts face problems such as calculating the exact time of work shifts, vacations or calculating the amount of income. On the other hand, many people in their work shifts have certain patterns that are sometimes confusing and even confuse the worker. However, Android tools can be one of the best options to help users set work shifts. Simple Shift – work schedule software helps your loved ones to intelligently monitor their work shifts and view them in high detail on the calendar. One of the most important features of this startup is the automatic adjustment of work shifts; In such a way that it is enough to specify your desired pattern and rest days so that you can see your work shifts until the end of the year or even the coming years. There is an internal timer at your disposal, which, if used, will be activated automatically when the work shift arrives and its alarm will be activated automatically after the end of your shift. The income calculator will help you see the income earned each day and at the end of the month know how much you are getting paid.

Some features and capabilities of Simple Shift – work schedule Android app:

  • Identify work shifts to increase the order of your activities
  • Determine the pattern of shifts and calculate all your work shifts per day
  • Option to calculate your income at the end of each month
  • Specify holidays to prevent shifts
  • Internal time to notify you of the end of your shift
  • Option to back up data
  • Main screen widget to view information or add any information to the app

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Simple Shift - work schedule