Site Checklist: Safety and Quality Inspections v1.0 – Android application checklist and work inspection application!
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Everyone works in a particular job according to their abilities and interests; The productivity and efficiency of your work will increase when you have close control over them and you can easily solve any kind of problem. There are several ways to inspect business activities, and using Android apps is one of the best. Site Checklist: Safety and Quality InspectionsIs the title of a quick checklist app for Android, developed by Saroj Vadekar and published in the large Google Play Market. This software allows its users to make the inspection process much more standardized and everything can be done properly. Examine the performance of different teams, locations and formats and make sure everything is going well. All audit reports and records are stored in this startup, which over time and any problems can meet many needs. Creating checklists is also very simple and smart, and you can add various details to them when creating.

Some features and capabilities of Site Checklist: Safety and Quality Inspections Android:

  • Quick access to active team forms
  • Offline access to all available information
  • Imaging their markings
  • Send inspection reports quickly and intelligently
  • Electronic signatures
  • A variety of intelligent analysis tools
  • Performance score
  • Generate interactive reports in pdf format
  • Customize reports to suit your needs
  • Share existing information

Application Site Checklist: Safety and Quality Inspections able to benefit from the facilities varied to create reports to do with the price of 0.99 dollar Score 4.8 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now use the newest version purchased it from Download Usroid website .


Site Checklist : Safety and Quality Inspections