Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D – Sky Battle: Tribal Commanders is a new, popular and entertaining strategy game in the style of Absolutist Games for Android, which will be updated at the same time as your request. We have offered for download and in front of you! In Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D, you are supposed to form your own empire as a commander, defend your celestial towers and destroy your enemies! Form a powerful group of islanders, explore the jungles of the west and conquer new lands! The enemy may attack you at any moment; It is better to unite with other users to better protect your empire and turrets; The bigger and more powerful your empire is, the more sworn enemies it will have; Enemies with an army of evil wizards, barbarians and dwarves are always trying to destroy your empire! You always have to be alert, maybe a group will attack you online! Like other popular strategy games like Clash of Clans You must build your empire on the one hand and attack online users around the world on the other and plunder their resources!


Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D


Play Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D up to this moment about 500 thousand times by Android users around the world have been received and managed to score an excellent 4.7 of 5.0 won and we Usroid latest and Achern his version to download a’ve You can first view images and trailers of the gameplay and finally, if you wish, download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Additional notes:

1 – Sky Clash game is online and online
2 – Sky Clash game is not hacked and has no mod version
3 – Saddle so always download the game update at the same time as publishing from this page.

Changes in version v1.53.5320:

* Added new features + various optimizations.