Skype for Business for Android v6.27.0.18 – Business version of Skype application for Android,
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Since the advent of the World Wide Web, many startups have started operating; In the meantime, some of them have failed and others have been able to gain a special place among users. Undoubtedly, messengers are among the most successful of these softwares, which attracted millions or even billions of people in a short time by relying on internet protocols and establishing fast communication. If you also remember with single core computers and Windows 98, then you have undoubtedly heard the name of Microsoft’s product, Skype! A popular messenger that from the beginning of its activity was able to be more successful day by day and provide up-to-date services to its users. Skype’s popularity and advancement, as well as its free calls, have prompted its developer (Microsoft) to release its own software on various operating systems. Have you ever imagined that Skype has only one regular version based on Peer to Peer connection! But it is better to know that Microsoft has created other versions of its service according to the needs of different people in each community.Skype for Business for AndroidThe title of the business version, or more simply the version for Skype business, was developed by Microsoft Corporation and published on Google Play. As you can easily understand, the set of features available in this software is different from the Skype version – free IM & video calls that we have introduced in previous posts, and is designed in such a way that large business owners and Small ones can meet any need to communicate through it. One of the most important features available is the possibility of establishing free and quality video conferencing, which helps the employees of any company to communicate with each other remotely in case of any problems and solve any problems. To prevent forgetting important business meetings, make a list of them and make sure that the notification system calls you at a specific time. As a moderator, view the list of people present and disconnect if necessary. Due to the global threat of Corona, do not miss this software and join us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Skype for Business for Android app:

  • Establish group voice and video calls between company members
  • Very high quality and receive images with the least resolution
  • Use secure protocols to create online meetings
  • Share your files with your other friends
  • View a list of contacts with the ability to search among them
  • Access to a set of management options as a meeting organizer
  • Create a complete list of your other meetings over the coming weeks or months
  • Select the sessions being held and return to them

Application Skype for Business for Android by providing a set of options and possibilities in the field of communication has been rated 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version without ads from the website Download Usroid . Just note that the quality of the received images depends on the speed of your internet.


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