Skyward Journey v1.0 + Mod – A fun and entertaining game “Journey to the Sky” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline performance

Skyward Journey – A trip to the sky is a very beautiful game from the category of fun and casual titles for Android devices, which is made and offered completely free of charge. The game was created by an Australian developer named Dan Vogt and released as a solo project. Usroid website is proud to be the first Iranian siteAs soon as this game is released on Google Play, it has prepared it and provided it with a modded version for you dear ones. So stay tuned for the introduction of this game or maybe it is better to say this simple but amazing work of art. Skyward Journey is like many games that used the element of simplicity to provide an amazing experience for the audience, and everything in this game is based on simplicity. In fact, this game has only one basic principle that players should follow according to that game, and well, this principle is a very simple point. This simplicity may make you think this game looks like a low level and weak title, but what makes Skyward Journey a special game, is how to present this simplicity in the form of a fun game and of course a challenge.


Skyward Journey


In Skyward JourneyYou will be in the role of leader of a flock of birds that are moving in the sky. Your job is to gather all the birds in one bunch and steer them forward. If you are not able to do this, your handle will be scattered and many feathers will be detached and diverted to other paths. So it’s you who has to put them together. The main priority of the game is to keep the birds in one category and the next priority is to add more birds to this category. The way to add more birds is to redirect the birds to depressed humans on small islands. By doing this, as soon as the birds reach these humans, they will be happy and your reward for this is to get some new birds. But the whole game will be by dragging the path of movement (actually the path of the wind). You can guide the birds that are next to each other to the painted path by dragging the path on the screen with your finger. Of course, it is a mistake to just pull paths forward. In Skyward Journey, you have to draw paths for two main purposes. The first goal is to gather as many birds as possible and collect them in a bunch. So if you see a bird or birds that have left the group, you should take the group to them so that the bird or birds can be added to your group again. The second goal is to make people happy and earn special points for this work. The game as a whole, including its graphics and gameplay, is really relaxing. The sound of the sea and the birds in the game have also helped to make the game more relaxing. To download the beautiful Skyward Journey game in a tested form, refer to the download box right now and download the latest version from the servers.Download Usroid . This game has become one of the well-made games in the hobby style with a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 .

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