Voice Recorder Pro v1.0.1 – A full-featured and professional Android voice recording application
Purchased and complete version of the app for $2.99

Voice Recorder Pro is a professional and full-featured Android voice recording application developed by Sladjan and published on Google Play. Many students use audio recording tools to prevent them from forgetting the topics in their classrooms. Unlike booklet writing, these tools help you to save all the details of the topics in the form of audio files and play them at any time without any restrictions. Fortunately, all Android smartphones have this feature; But the point to be noted is the program by which we record audio! Default apps usually do not have a variety of features; That’s why we have tried to provide you with the best sound recording tools. One of the best software that we are going to introduce in this post is Voice Recorder Pro. Everything you want is provided by this application without any defects and you will be able to record the surrounding sound without any defects and restrictions. As you should have understood by now; One of the main features of this smart app is its very high quality, which uses the maximum ability of the hardware to give you the best result.

Voice Recorder Pro is an All in One audio recording tool

All the programs we use typically provide us with several features; But sometimes some of them appear beyond expectations and act in such a way that we can meet our needs without the need for accessories. The set of features of Voice Recorder Pro is such that it makes us call it All in One. From the simple and graphical user interface to the best options for professional and quality sound recording, all and everything are provided to you in a single environment.

Easy playback of saved sounds

After recording with the help of Voice Recorder Pro and storing it in the memory of your Android smartphone, you dear ones can access all audio files through the user interface and play them without any restrictions. There are several options for linking saved audio files to help you easily organize all your available audio. Not only can you, dear ones, organize the recorded sounds with the help of this built-in manager, but you will also be able to delete them easily. If you delete audio files, they will first be saved in the Trash and then you can delete them permanently if you decide to delete them.

Various settings and personalization of the output sound

One of the most important limitations faced by users of similar startups is the lack of access to various settings for personalizing the recorded audio output. Fortunately, Voice Recorder Pro users have access to a variety of features in this area. You dear ones can easily set the recorded audio format or set the simple rate between 8 and 48 kHz. In other words, everything depends on you and your needs, and the software will provide you with whatever you want.

Some features and capabilities of Voice Recorder Pro Android app:

  • Capture the surrounding sound with the utmost quality
  • Suitable for use by students and reporters
  • There were no restrictions on audio recording time
  • Ability to pause and resume audio recording at any time
  • Access to a variety of options for organizing audio files
  • Play recorded sounds with a single touch
  • Ability to select output format among 3 different formats
  • Choose your favorite sample rate from 8 to 48 kHz
  • Internal trash to prevent unread deleted saved files

Voice Recorder Pro application has been released by its developer with a price of $2.99 with various features and capabilities in the field of audio recording and has received a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest purchased version of this professional tape recorder without any restrictions from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


Voice Recorder Pro