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Slaughter 3: The Rebels – Massacre 3: The Rebels is the name of the third part of the very popular and unique franchise Slaughter from Ray Spark Studios in Russia, which is looking for the remarkable success of the first two versions, Slaughter and Slaughter 2: Prison Assault . Numerous optimizations were offered. This series of games is known for its exemplary and console graphics and has the best action titles in the third person shooting style. Usroid proudly announces that it is the first website among all Iranian sitesThe third part of this fascinating game series has been prepared and purchased for you dear ones. In the second part of the game, we saw that the story was about a large prison. Where the prisoners, led by an unknown person, revolted and escaped from prison, killing anyone in their path! In the second part, you played the role of one of the special soldiers and the main character of the Slaughter game series, who had to clear the prison. Now in the third part, in Slaughter 3: The Rebels, the same thing has happened on a larger scale. The famous prison known as the Secret City is being rioted by a group from outside the prison, and this move will cause the release of the prisoners imprisoned in this place! These prisoners are the most criminal and dangerous criminals in the city, and now they have been released from prison and they intend to destroy the prison and all its staff. These deadly insurgents soon took control of the prison, killing all the soldiers and cadres in the area. You and a few others are the only ones who survived this incident. It is not known if the reinforcements were informed of this news or not, but you can not wait. So you have to work alone and punish all these criminals for their actions! In this violent game, you have to kill all these enemies before they hunt you down!

Some features of Slaughter 3: The Rebels Android game:

  • Superb graphics with great detail
  • Three-dimensional designs similar to console games
  • Professional gameplay in the style of third person shooter games
  • Play the role of a special forces soldier
  • Exciting and very action story line
  • Ability to recruit other troops and soldiers to help you
  • Existence of very dangerous enemies from the wildest and deadliest criminals
  • Try to stop the enemies in a big prison
  • Different enemies with special capabilities and unique challenges
  • Ability to use a variety of firearms in various categories
  • Ability to upgrade skills and use a variety of equipment
  • Has a challenging and record-breaking Arena Mode
  • Excellent control with virtual buttons
  • Support for physical gamepads

Slaughter 3: The Rebels is one of the top action games made for Android phones and tablets. This game with precise details and attractive graphics as well as dynamic gameplay, brings you a completely different experience compared to similar mobile games. In this game you will go to a world full of violence. Where if you are unaware for a moment, you will be killed by the enemies. So before they do, slaughter all the enemies! The level of violence in the game is very high, so playing Slaughter 3: The Rebels is only recommended for people over 17 years old. فارسرویدFor the first time in Iran, the latest official update and the full version of this game has been purchased and tested for you dear ones. We recommend that you take a look at the game trailer video before downloading to get more acquainted with the graphics and gameplay. This game is ready for sale on Google Play with a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.48:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version of the game on Google Play.


Slaughter 3: The Rebels



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.venomizedArt.SlaughterRebels folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.