Sleep Sounds: Relax Sounds for Sleep, Be Calm & Focus v4.0.9 – Android Sleep Sounds app,
original version with thousands of downloads from Google Play for the first time in Iran

Undoubtedly, music with its extraordinary effects can affect and change different parts of our lives; In such a way that when listening to an exciting sound, the adrenaline of the body increases or by playing a quiet sound, our excitement is greatly reduced! These effects have also led to the creation of smart apps based on sounds, which we intend to introduce one of the best. Sleep Sounds: Relax Sounds for Sleep, Be Calm & FocusTitle is an application for access to a collection of calm and sleepy sounds, developed by SoundClub Studio and published in the large Google Play Market. This special program with a set of natural and combined sounds makes you fall asleep slowly and experience a deep sleep away from any stress. Just select the sound you want and set the available timer to play the sound automatically and stop at a certain time. In addition to sleepy sounds, there are a variety of other sounds available for other activities such as yoga , meditation and… that you will also have access to.

Some features and capabilities of Sleep Sounds app: Relax Sounds for Sleep, Be Calm & Focus Android:

  • Experiences a quiet and stress-free sleep with soothing sounds
  • Consists of a collection of natural sounds
  • Ability to mix your favorite sounds in a short time
  • Smart timer to stop playback automatically
  • Miscellaneous sounds for other activities such as yoga, meditation and…
  • Very beautiful user interface
  • Deeply eliminate any stress

Application Sleep Sounds: Relax Sounds for Sleep, Be Calm & Focus relying on a set of sound and features a variety of relaxation has been able to pay in-network $ 19.99 Points fantastic 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which now You can download the latest original version from Usroid site.

Changes in version v4.0.9:

* Fixed application problems