SleepyTime: Bedtime Calculator PLUS v2.4.5 – a great application for calculating the sleep time of Android!
Premium version, complete and unlocked with all features

SleepyTime Bedtime Calculator is the name of a simple but smart application that was recently introduced by Yu Chen Hou and its main task is to regulate your sleep cycle. Nothing can help you like a good night’s sleep, so you can have an active and open mind with a proper sleep plan and pattern. Every time you go to sleep, you get into sleep cycles, each of which will last 90 minutes. If you think that you sleep a lot and properly, this program can calculate the best time for you to wake up by receiving your sleep and wake time, and wake you up at a specific time using the alarm. You can achieve a good sleep pattern.

The main features of SleepyTime Bedtime Calculator Android app:

  • Completely free and without any annoying ads
  • Support for 24 or 12 hour formats
  • Has a dedicated widget for on-screen display
  • Automatic calculation of sleep time
  • Completely simple and user-friendly environment
  • Has alarms and alarms

SleepyTime Bedtime Calculator application in Google Play has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 , which is a clear sign that this program is useful and practical, so do not miss the opportunity and download the latest version from Usroid site right now.

Changes in version v2.4.5:

* Fixed bugs and problems


SleepyTime Bedtime Calculator