Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser v3.5.28 Sleipnir Internet Browser for Android   
Original Version + Mode Version (Mentioned Feature) Separately

The Internet is made up of different parts and various services are provided on it. The World Wide Web is the largest and most widely used part of the Internet. So many people confuse the web and the Internet. All sites, social networks and…. Are on the web. That’s why we need a web browser to access them, various browsers have been created over the life of the web, some of which have been able to attract hundreds of millions of users. One of the oldest web browsers is the Sleipnir Browser, first released in 2004 for the Windows operating system. Since then, this browser has been developed for other operating systems, and today we are at your service with its Android version. Sleipnir Mobile – Web BrowserThe title of an advanced and modern Internet browser with a variety of features and capabilities, specific to the Android operating system by Fenrir Inc. Developed and published for free on Google Play. You will have almost all the features that you have on popular browsers like Google Chrome in this browser. In addition, it offers you a wide range of features that can be seen in fewer browsers. Gestures are used to do many things in this browser. For example, to close a tab, you can touch and drag it down, or to open a link in a new tab, just touch and hold the link for a short time. Speed ​​has been very important in the design of this browser, so most of the work in it is done faster than other browsers. You can also customize the browser panels and buttons to your liking so that everything is where you want it. Browser tabs are automatically saved in memory so you can view them offline.

Some features and capabilities of Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser Android application :

  • Optimized user interface for smartphones and tablets
  • Ability to fully customize the user interface and change panels and buttons as desired
  • Protect tabs by double-tapping them
  • Tab grouping support
  • Multiple search engine support
  • Ability to define popular sites for faster access to them
  • Has a powerful download manager
  • Bookmark support
  • Synchronize application information with cloud storage

App Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser is an excellent alternative for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and with the consent of Android users could Score 4.0 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the original and modded version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v3.5.28 : 

* Remove Fenrir Pass Connect integration function
* Modify the ability to open the tab by holding the link
* Other edits


Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser