v1.6.1 + Mod – The popular game “Eat a snake so you don’t get eaten!” Android
Normal version (FREE) + Mod version (unlocked) separately
Ability to play both offline and online is a popular and extremely beautiful game with addictive gameplay in the style of action games of a special type from Lowtech Studios for Android devices , which is offered for free in the Play Store and has been used more than 100 million times by users. Android has been downloaded all over the world and now at the request of dear usersWe intend to introduce the latest version with the paid version and without ads! Upon entering the game, you must choose a name for Martan and now enter the game map; A map in which other large and small snakes, each representing players from other parts of the world, are crawling and tinkering with each other. But for what? To be chosen as the “biggest snake of the day”! has no other rule: Eat until you are not eaten! With that in mind, you take control of the baby snake on a busy map. Now you have to escape from the bigger snakes, and devour any prey smaller than yourself! If you are a fan of special Android games that despite their small volume can keep you busy for hours, do not miss the popular game in any way!


The longer you stay in this environment, the more Martan will grow in stature, becoming the biggest map snake you can! has no end and no option to stop; You have to finish everything you want to do in it. So if you are going to break the record, maybe it is not bad to do it with a mobile phone connected to the charger! In general,, which is full of excitement and sometimes fear of giant worms, is one of the few games in which there is no strong or weak, and everything will depend on the speed of the player’s reaction, not the weapons or powers purchased. in the game! The game currently has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , which we have put in Usroid for download, and you can download it with one click!

Changes in version v1.6.1:

* Added new skins + various optimizations.